OrganYc biodegradable cotton balls

ORGANYC 611115

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OrganYc beauty cotton balls are manufactured from GOTS-certified organic cotton.  Ideal for gentle cleansing and daily use.  The packaging is made with renewable raw materials and is itself compostable.

These cotton balls are extremely soft, but strong.  They do not contain chlorine bleach, latex, parabens, perfumes, SAP, or plastics.

100 count.

About the manufacturer: OrganYc makes 100% certified organic cotton biodegradable feminine care products. Healthier for people and the environment.  They are preferred by those with sensitive skin.  They help to prevent and alleviate skin irritations and rashes that can be caused by products made of paper, plastic, wood pulp and super-absorbent powders.  Chlorine bleach free.

Made in Italy.