Ostheimer decoration scarves

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With these color-coordinated cloths you can conjure up atmospheric scenes and small world play.

Ostheimer decoration Scarves help to transform a child's room, various play scenes or a seasonal decoration into beautiful, lively landscapes.  The transparent look of our cotton towels allows a variety of shades to be created by combining them.

Please note that there may be deviations in the dimensions and the color tones of the individual samples.  Ostheimer decoration cloths are manufactured in a small factory in Poland near Walbrzych / Waldenburg in Silesia.  The cotton is woven in Poland and delivered to the company in bales.  There the cloths are cut to a size of 1 x 1 metre and then sewn, dyed and washed.  There may be slight color variations in the coloring because the colors are mixed anew for each production batch.  The cloths warp during sewing, dyeing and washing, which can lead to considerable size deviations in the fine, loosely woven fabric. Due to the production by hand, the deviations cannot be avoided. We ask for your understanding.

100% cotton gauze.  Individual cloths are approximately 90 x 90 cm squares.


  • #102  lemon yellow
  • #104  golden yellow
  • #107  orange
  • #108  light cinnibar (vermillion)
  • #111  dark carmine (rosy red)
  • #115  rose (pink)
  • #118  lilac
  • #120  red violet (more of a purple)
  • #125  prussian blue
  • #127  light mountain blue
  • #128  light turquoise blue
  • #132  lime green (light green really...)
  • #133  olive green
  • #135  forest green (deep, dark shade)
  • #136  light brown 
  • #137  dark chestnut brown (it's not too too dark, more like medium brown...)

The set of 15 includes: Lemon yellow; Golden yellow; #107 Orange; #108 Vermillion; #111 Carmine; #115 Pink; #118 Lilac; #120 Purple; Prussian blue; 
Mountain Blue; Turquoise; Lime green; Olive green; Forest green; Brown dark. 

Made in Germany.