Ostheimer giraffe running

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The Ostheimer giraffe running is a lovely addition to the world of play for young children. In deciding whether to purchase the Ostheimer giraffe running or the Ostheimer giraffe standing, or the small giraffe head high or small giraffe head low, the following suggestions could be helpful:

~ Some people opt to purchase only the youth or baby animals from the African animals collection. They can collectively group together to appear as though they are the adult figures, if no other larger adult figures are present to compare them to. This can present a small cost savings, as the youth figures are smaller and priced lower.

~ The adult giraffe standing is nice for 'eating leaves from a tree', as it has more the appearance of the head high with neck reaching up; however, the adult giraffe running can also be leaning in towards a lower branch, so this is also fine.

~ If one were to choose only one adult giraffe for their collection, the adult giraffe running tends to be a bit more impressive due to the length of its back and neck exaggerated more, as reminds us of the mighty and beautiful giraffe's gait and movement.

~ The youth small giraffes from Ostheimer are both lovely. Here the one with head high is particularly charming, as it can be reaching up to eat some tree leaves, or towards an adult giraffe. The head low also has a lovely look as paired with the adult (in particular with the adult giraffe standing), it looks to be leaning in towards it, and nestling a little.