Ostheimer Horsebox for Tractor

OH 5550836

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In Ostheimer's words: "We consciously decided to give our wooden vehicles simple fundamental forms and functions. This way children will use their imagination and their own initiative to bring the play scenes alive. A first idea of basic steering skills can be playfully experienced."

This is it. One of those few special childhood toys, usually guaranteed to get some good play. What we appreciate about it in particular:

  • The animals can 'walk right up' into the back cab, when the plank is down.
  • Highly sturdy. Expected to stand up to lots of play with young children.
  • The sturdy felt cover has a nice feel to the hand, and a pleasing and effective buttonhole and knob attachment.

Made of solid basswood. All materials used are certified. They guarantee not only toys of the highest quality but also safety for your child at play.

Please note that the horsebox can be joined directly to the Ostheimer tractor, or it can be pulled by a pair of Ostheimer horses, in which case the Ostheimer horse harness is also required (sold separately).

Size: 20 x 13.5 x 12.5 cm

Made in Europe.