Ostheimer silhouette candle base

OH 5520001

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The Ostheimer silhouette candle base fits candles with diameter of 15mm. If you are having trouble sourcing candles to fit it, another possibility is to purchase or use if you already have a candle holder from one of Grimm's birthday celebration rings (the brass or the aluminum), and they can be snugly fit into the hole for the candle in the silhouette base. You can then use our 13 mm diameter beeswax candles. (P.S. If you go this route, while the brass candle holder is a nice colour, the aluminum candle holder will catch more candle wax drips.)

18 cm wide x 10.5 cm deep x 2.5 cm high.

The silhouette base is intended as a support for the range of Ostheimer silhouettes. A particular silhouette can be placed in it, depending on the season or mood.