Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools (Classes 1 to 8)

ISBN 9780863158780

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by Thomas Wildgruber

  • A comprehensive illustrated teachers' manual which provides a complete artistic curriculum for Classes 1 to 8
  • Helps teachers to develop children's skills using 280 practical exercises
  • Techniques demonstrated include guide colour exercises and perspective drawing

A comprehensive teachers' manual which provides a complete artistic curriculum suitable for Steiner-Waldorf Classes 1 to 8 (ages six to fourteen).

Painting and drawing are key artistic expressions which play an important role in children's physical, emotional and spiritual development. This comprehensive teachers' manual provides a complete artistic curriculum for Classes One to Eight in Steiner-Waldorf schools (age six to fourteen).

At each stage, the book demonstrates the skills that teachers can help children to develop. There are 280 practical exercises for teachers to use, and over 800 drawings and paintings as inspiring examples of artistic possibilities. The curriculum moves from free drawing, to guided colour exercises, to precise perspective drawing.

The exercises draw on elements of the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum at appropriate ages, incorporating themes from fables and legends, the Old Testament, Norse mythology, animals, Ancient Greece and botany.

Throughout, the author draws on art theory and shows that art is truly a universal language.

The book is also suitable for adult self-study.

Softcover, 384 pages with 800 colour illustrations.

229 x 210 mm.

Floris books.



'A superbly structured manual on drawing and painting in the class teacher years. In over twenty years as a class teacher in Britain and Germany, this is one of the most inspirational and useful books I have come across. I hope that colleagues throughout the world will benefit from its approach.'
-- Sven Saar, Freie Waldorfschule Wahlwies, Germany

'It's a wonderful guide to every type of painting and drawing experienced within Waldorf education. Almost every section contains step-by-step guides and thoughtful commentary. The pictures alone are so inspiring. This is the book I had wished for when I started homeschooling...I absolutely adore this book.'
-- Schooling from the Heart blog

'Wow! What a book. Thomas Wildgruber has been a class teacher and an art and craft teacher since 1979. This book is his life's work, dedicated to teaching children and teachers about painting and drawing. With over 800 color photographs and covering first grade through eighth, the richness of the 384 pages can be overwhelming. But exciting!'
-- Waldorf Today

'A comprehensive guide for teaching painting...This will surely take its place as a fundamental resource'.
-- Rudolf Steiner Library, Anthroposophical Society in America

'a great all-in-one resource that would be really helpful!'
-- Swizerite blogspot,

'This is the book we all have been waiting for!'
-- Waldorf Without Walls newsletter



Thomas Wildgruber was born in Germany in 1946. He studied philosophy, political science and journalism. He was a research assistant in the field of international development and politics, and subsequently trained as a Waldorf teacher in Mannheim. Since 1979 he has been a Waldorf class teacher, and craft and art teacher. His encounter with the painter Lajos Boros led to efforts to develop art education out of the 'pictorial resources'. He gives courses to teachers on the theme of 'Painting with rules of play'.

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