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The winged horse, particularly in its more popular encarnacion known as pegasus is one of the most recognizable symbols of speed and boundless freedom, this is probably one of the reasons why it has also been used as a metaphor for artistic creativity.

To talk about this creature is to talk about adventure.  And that’s precisely what Bajo’s Pegasus represents, a fearless partner taking children on endless quests.

In this case it was very important for Bajo. to play around with contrasting textures.  The body and articulated legs made from sycamore wood, the bristle tail and felt wings create a rich overall effect.  This.. and the slightly abstract silhouette Bajo has designed makes their pegasus something of an art piece.

Recommended for children 18 months and older.

Solid sycamore wood.

15 x 17 x 17 cm.

Made in Poland.