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Pippa and Pelle and the Birthday Gifts

Pippa and Pelle and the Birthday Gifts

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by Daniela Drescher

Hooray! It's Pippa's birthday and she's enjoying some special gifts. The flowers bloom, the birds sing and the butterflies dance -- everyone wants to help her celebrate! Pelle has even baked a delicious birthday cake to share with their friends.

The gentle adventures of the two elves are told through Daniela Drescher's vibrant and lively illustrations and comforting words. Young children will love joining in the birthday fun as Pippa and Pelle rejoice in the gifts of nature.

Daniela Drescher's luminous and unique illustration style will capture any child's imagination and this magical board book is perfect for little hands.

Board book, 12 pages.  180 x 153 mm.

Floris Books.



'This chunky board book is bright and cheerful and perfect for small hands!
Daniela Drescher's illustrations are vibrant and pretty, the characters are so cute - Ladybirds riding snails, beetles carrying buttercups and elves using leaves for umbrellas! These colourful illustrations transport you to a magical fairy world, where elves, fairies and the natural world live together in harmony.
In this title, Pippa celebrates her birthday and her friends arrive with gifts. Children who love nature, fairies and magical woodland houses will enjoy this cheery tale!'
-- Kaleidoscope Magazine

Praise for Daniela Drescher:

'In gentle, child-friendly language, Pippa and Pelle express a loving relationship with the earth -- their garden is visited by insects (''our small friends'') and they happily share their abundant strawberries with the snails. The pencil and watercolour illustrations, showing their garden blooming with flowers and fruit, are bright and joyous... A simple and lovely celebration of nature in springtime.'
-- Armadillo on Pippa and Pelle in the Spring Garden

'I cannot recommend highly enough the gentle glowing and detailed illustrations which are a feast for the senses. The book is very robust and ideal for early childhood settings!'
-- Kindling on Pippa and Pelle in the Spring Garden

'Daniela Drescher's watercolour illustrations have such wonderful detail that you can feel transported to the seasons of the garden while you enjoy the problems, fun and games of Griswald's life.'
-- Juno magazine on The Garden Adventures of Griswald the Gnome

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