rainbow glockenspiel with removable notes

DECR 5610

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Learn to play notes with the help of the colours

Each note is assigned a colour.  This makes it easier for children to learn to play.  In the booklet, which is enclosed with every glockenspiel, you can find notes which are colour-coded.  (This can also be done by hand on any other sheet music by parents or children.)
The colour assignment is based on the physical basis of octaving the tone until it shows the corresponding colour in the colour spectrum.  (Eg. low C and high C both are the same colour).

The child experiences the richness of colour of the whole rainbow with the sound.


  • the diatonic scale, which is the traditional DO-RE-MI scale. (c''' - c'''')
  • the penatonic scale, traditionally used with musical instruments in Waldorf education for young children. d''' - g'''' notes. In the pentatonic scale, notes that have more of a sound of pausing or tension have been removed, leaving only notes that compose a continuous free-flowing sound when played together.
  • possibility for add-on notes to convert pentatonic scale to diatonic.  It can be nice to begin with pentatonic for a kindergarten age or younger child, and later switch to diatonic around grade 2 or 3.  3 single note blocks: C, F, C.  With the addition of these 3 notes (and removal of other notes), the 8-note pentatonic scale can be converted into a 8-note diatonic scale.

Comes with 2 mallets.

Made in Germany.