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rainbow glockenspiel with removable notes

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A wooden glockenspiel of exquisite sound quality. This is our favourite glockenspiel for sound. Although the others that we carry are also exceptional, we think it is the larger wooden blocks that the chimes are fixed to on this glockenspiel that results in a more grounded sound.

The individual wooden bars are removable for variety and flexibility to be played individually, to be rearranged, or perhaps to include only a few notes in the frame at once, and to slowly introduce more notes (for this, we recommend the addition of our blank spacer blocks, sold separately). Comes with a booklet of musical scales and words in German for playing songs. The notes in the music are colour-coded for ease and delight of playing.

Please note that this glockenspiel is available in two different scales:

~ the diatonic scale, which is the traditional DO-RE-MI scale. (c''' - c'''')

~ penatonic scale, traditionally used with musical instruments in Waldorf education for young children. d''' - g'''' notes. In the pentatonic scale, notes that have more of a sound of pausing or tension have been removed, leaving only notes that compose a continuous free-flowing sound when played together.