rainbow string game

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Rainbow String Game, hand dyed in USA.  

String games are a good workout for the brain.  And, they are fun!

Many parents carry string games along on trips, to restaurants, and visits with relatives as a way to pass the time and share tricks with their children.

Wonderful for older children and adults to teach to younger children.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.  It can really depend on the child.  Most children begin finger strings around 8 years old.

'Finger Strings' book sold separately with endless activities for the advanced string game enthusiast.

These are the kind of finger strings used in most of the Waldorf schools; grades 1-5.

For years these have been cut, melted and hand-dyed by Sarah's Silks owner's son, Noah, in USA.

If they break (from rough yanking) light a candle and burn the ends back together (adults only).