raised support for basket cable car kit

WK 1280

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Please note that the raised support is an accessory add-on for the basket cable car kit sold separately. Basket cable car kit and pocket pals sold separately.

Raised support kit includes 5 m of string. Can be attached to a tabletop edge or shelf. The raised support can be a high point for the baskets along their track, or you can also envision it as the low point of a valley in the gondola's track.

Winner of the german Spiel Gut award.

Assembly 9 yrs+; Play 6 yrs+.

20 cm tall when assembled. 310 grams.

Instructions in English, French, and German.

Made in Germany.

Nest Notes: this is one of the very rare times that we could recommend to deviate from Walter Kraul's age suggestions, as we do find that some children as young as kindergarten age can be heavily involved in the assembly.  An older child or adult could help with the screwdriver and as needed.