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A Kid's Guide to Birds of Prey

By Christyna M. Laubach René Laubach Charles W. G. Smith

Explore life at the top of the food chain with this exciting look into the world of raptors.  This fun activity book immerses children in vulture culture, hawk talk, and owl prowls as they learn about the behavior and hunting strategies of these fascinating birds.  A removable “pocket spy guide” will help kids identify raptors in the wild, while breed profiles, flight silhouettes, range maps, and real-life stories will satisfy even the most voracious raptor enthusiast. 
Recommended for ages 8-12 years.
Storey publishing.  Softcover, 128 pages.

“...a friendly, large guide to enjoying raptors in North America.” – Morning News (KidsDay section), Dallas TX

“Bold, bright colors and awe-inspiring photography make this book come alive for young readers.” – Library Media Connection, Worthington OH

“Kids any age will enjoy this book.” – Union Tribune, San Diego CA

“This large-format book provides a fine overview of North American raptors...” – Booklist

“Charts, intriguing tidbits of trivia, and hands-on projects add interest and help readers understand these amazing creatures.” – School Library Journal