Root Cellaring

ISBN 9780882667034

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Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables

By Mike Bubel & Nancy Bubel

Stretch the resources of your small backyard garden further than ever before, without devoting hundreds of hours to canning!  This informative and inspiring guide shows you not only how to construct your own root cellar, but how to best use the earth’s naturally cool, stable temperature as an energy-saving way to store nearly 100 varieties of perishable fruits and vegetables.

Softcover, 320 pages.

Storey Publishing.



"The most complete book on the subject you are likely to find." ~ Backwoods Home Magazine

“…a book that has become a durable classic – a manual that delivers detailed guidelines for storing fruits and vegetables in the most simple way possible.” ~ The Province (Vancouver, British Columbia) 

“The name Bubel is synonymous with practical, hands-on experience… I highly recommend Root Cellaring.  It’s the only book you need on the subject.” ~ Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener