Scheibenkreisel spinning top

SKU: MDR 67004
$58.00 CAD

Our absolute favourite spinning top!  

If you have just one spinning top in your collection, this would be the one we'd recommend.  The wooden disc is approximately 14 cm diameter (5.5 inches).

It can be difficult for very young children to get the 'flicking' motion right at the end of putting a spinning top into action.  However, with this Scheibenkreisel even young children can set this top into motion.  It has a nice long spin time, and the effects of colour mixing, or shape shifting are not too overwhelming for sensitive types, but still delightful for young and old.

Make time stop a little, while watching a spinning top in motion...

These Scheibenkreisel are wonderfully made by the good folks at Mader Kreisel in Austria.