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Sewing Know-How

Sewing Know-How

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Techniques and tips for all levels of skill from beginner to advanced

A complete guide to the stitches, techniques, and finishing touches that every sewer needs to know.

Simple introductino to sewing by hand, and with a machine.

Whether you want to learn new techniques or brush up on the basics, this is the perfect reference guide to keep by your side as you sew.  Step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow artworks show you how to master everything from preparing a pattern and cutting out your fabric, to applying zippers and making hems and darts.  If you are a beginner, the first chapter takes you through all the tools you will need, including a sewing machine, pins, needles, and scissors.  For experienced dressmakers, tips on French seams, making buttonholes, and topstitching will help you achieve a perfect finish.  Whatever your skill level, this essential handbook will build your confidence and abilities, giving you all the foundations for creating beautiful projects.

Nest Notes:  What we especially like about this book is how easy on the eyes the diagrams and photos are.  This book is particularly nice for Grade 8 in Waldorf pedagogy, when students are studying the industrial revolution and are introduced to the sewing machine.

Softcover, 96 pages.  8.2 X 10.9 inches.

Published by Ryland, Peters, & Small.

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