Shadows in the Woods

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2 board games of hide and seek in the light of a candle for 2-8 players.

First version: The burning tealight moves through the dark forest and tries to find the small dwarves in their hiding places.  If a dwarf is touched by the light, it is frozen and not allowed to move any more. The other dwarves try to release it.  All dwarves try to unite under one tree while the candle tries to freeze the dwarves.  Who will win?  A co-operative game for children starting at 5+ years, with adult supervision because of the candle.

Second version: The light remains stationary in one place.  The dwarves must move through the shadows and jump over the light.  A dwarf which has to stop in the shadow must wait until another player helps him by flashing him a ray of light.  The game ends when all the dwarves have made it home safe and sound.  It may not seem obvious, but learning about the path of light rays and direct and diffuse light is also being taught whilst engaged in play.  Recommended for 7+ years, with adult supervision.

Instructions in English, French, and German.

Made in Germany.