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by Nivola Uyá

Awarded at the 2023 Cuatro Gatos Foundation Awards. A silent journey through nature and different landscapes where anything is possible. Open this book to find endless narratives and joyful adventures.

Silence visits me at the riverside. Then he hides. What if I can spot him between the waves of cool water? Or does he rest in the high mountains? Maybe inside the trees? What if I could go find him?

A quiet river, a special girl's gaze and the wise natural world invite us to listen soundlessly to what cannot be heard. The illustrations with paper cutouts and candy lighting create a symbolic adventure between dream and reality.

An evocative wordless picture book, where playing is guaranteed and endless narrations are possible.

Hardcover, 46 pages.

Cuento de Luz publishing


About this Author

Nívola Uyá is a Spanish award-winning illustrator and visual artist, with a degree in Environmental Sciences. She loves nature as much as illustration and, whenever possible, combines both worlds. She makes illustrations for books, campaigns, audiovisuals and murals, as well as illustration and creativity workshops in many corners of the world, convinced that the creative process brings out the best in people and makes us more sensitive.

With a palette of luminous colors and a magical-realistic style, she likes to capture possible and optimistic worlds, that spread love and hope. She has more than a dozen illustrated albums published in English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German and Swahili, distinguished with several international awards, such as the Silver Medal at the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for Best Illustrator, and Best Illustrated Album Award at the International Latino Book Awards and the selection Seal Chair of UNESCO for Reading.