Skoy cloths, white, set of 4

$13.00 CAD

Skoy is a 100% biodegradable, reusable, and even compostable cleaning cloth. Made using all natural materials (cotton and wood pulp cellulose).  Skoy can absorb 15x its own weight and each one can outlast 15 rolls of paper towels!

Note from Nest owner, Lisa: A favourite in our household! We use them in the kitchen for washing dishes and for wiping up spills, and they're also one of my goto cloths to use damp for dusting, or for general cleaning.  Ones that i use for dusting, I then washed ours in the washing machine with a load of rags on the hottest water possible, and then re-use them.  Ones that we use for heavy dish duty, over time can get pick up odours (we rinse in hottest tap water and wring to dry in between use), but we do find the Skoy brand outlasts most others in freshness.  We've been using them for a few years now, and we're so pleased with what a broad range of use we get from them.

Now that we carry the Skoy cloths in white, multi-colour, or utility motif, we also have the use for them throughout the house colour-coded, which works out quite well.