straight maple pin wooden hairbrush, with beechwood handle

RDK 700034

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This brush is small enough to be used as a child's brush, or for an adult with small to medium size hands, and with hair that is not too thick and not too long. The wooden pins are smooth and rounded at the ends, so they feel nice against the scalp. As there are only six rows of bristles, they don't separate and work through as many knots in as much hair at once as a brush with a larger head size, but they are suitable for smaller sized heads, less hair, or for people who prefer this experience of working through less hair at a time.

The wooden pegs feel invigorating on the scalp.

Waxed beechwood handle, with straight wooden pins, in a natural rubber cushion.

18.5 cm long. 6 rows of pins.

Made in Germany.