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soap for wet felting

soap for wet felting

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From Filges of Germany, who specializes in wool and wool felting products.

Instructions: use approximately 1 tbsp of this mild detergent diluted in 2 cups of quite warm water in a bowl.  

Making a simple ball: Take a small amount of fleece wool for felting in your hands, and dip into the bowl of extra warm soapy water.  Pull out and roll in between your hands to shape into a ball.  Dip into the warm water again and repeat until desired shape and firmness of ball.  You can add thin layers of wool on top of each other to make a bigger ball, on stages.  Have fun with layering colours.  If the water cools during the process, try adding a little more hot water to keep the effect of felting the wool fibres from the heat.

250 mL.

Made in Germany.

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