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An experiment with solar energy.  Although the Sun is always there, we hardly make use of this inexhaustible source of energy.  This kit demonstrates how to use solar energy simply and efficiently.  The solar cooker can not only be used for an experiment, it is really suitable for boiling water for tea or coffee, or soup, cooking eggs or to warm up eggs or sausages.  The solar cooker explains the use of solar energy in an impressive way.  Quickly assembled with screws, nuts, and rubber bands, even those who do not like tinkering about will enjoy this kit.

Contents: prepared parts form coloured MDF board, rubber bands, highly reflecting mirror sheets, black aluminum tin with screw-on lid, bottle fitting, star grip nuts, screws, nuts, washers and instructions for assembly and use.

Conveys basic knowledge of the use of solar energy and furthers dexterity and a graps of technics. 

Fully assembled: 35 x 30 x 50 cm, shade approx. 48 cm in diameter.

Recommended for 10 years old and up.

Instructions in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

German Spiel Gut award winner.

Made by Dieters.