BECK 50002

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A beautiful version of the classic game of solitaire - a test of skill and a practice to stretch one's patience. For some nice solo time.

Beech wood, varnished. With 33 holes and 32 red wooden pegs (plus 3 additional spare pegs). For peg storage and deposit during the game, there is a hinged lid with a compartment at the side. Instructions included.



At the start of the game, insert 32 pegs into the holes. Only the middle hole (#17 in the paper diagram included) remains free. Now jump with one peg over the other and take the 'jumped over' peg away. (Placing the pegs in the attached container). It may only be jumped in a straight line (up, down or across), and only over one peg; Also, a peg cannot jump over an empty hole.

There are infinitely many ways to get to the goal.  You have to jump the pegs with the end in mind so that only 1 peg remains.  And now have fun!


Nest Notes: For age recommendations, it is going to vary by person, but generally Solitaire is a nice game even for adults.  For children, many could get the concept already at 6 or 7 years old maybe, but we might suggest to wait to begin until 8 years old, for the child to have chance to satisfyingly bring it to a conclusion, even if not getting all the pegs but one removed in the end... It is simply a game to see how many you have remaining at the end, and try and get the lowest number possible.  It need not be only 1 left.  The goal is perhaps best introduced as to see how many pegs left at the end, rather than just try to have 1 peg left. ;)  We've seen this game introduced to children around 9-12 years of age as a golden time for delighting in it, and older children, teens, and adults too then find it absorbing.

Made in Germany.