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Spring by Gerda Muller

Floris Books

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One of a series of four board books without text which lead young children through the seasons.  Full of fun, active illustrations, this chunky board book shows the joys of playing with lambs, sowing seeds, painting Easter eggs and watching baby birds.

Please note that the Gerda Muller seasons board books are currently in circulation in 3 sizes.  If you already own some of the seasons books, you may wish to measure your book(s) if you'd like to acquire other seasons matching in dimensions.  Please refer to comparison photo.

  • The 2015 edition is larger and thinner.
  • The 2018 printing is mid-size.
  • The box-set size is smallest.

Board book.  11th printing, 2020 edition.  15.4 cm wide x 18 cm high.

Floris Press.

About the Author: Gerda Muller was born in 1926 in Naarden, Holland.  She attended the Fine Arts School of Amsterdam and later on, Ecole Estienne of Paris.  She illustrated over 120 books for children and worked with many publishers.  Her books have been translated in many languages.