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What powers a Stirling engine? Heat differentials. Provided here courtesy of a tealight. Steam engines were the first engines that made heavy work light. However, there were frequent explosions in boilers. So many engineers strove to find less hazardous engines. Almost 200 years ago, the young Scottish clergyman Robert Stirling developed one engine type that has never been used on a large scale to this day, but rather in a number of small applications. The little engine is created literally from the can in which is it packaged. It is driven by the heat of the tea light and the air cooling working on the cylinder. The principle is very simple, but very clever: displacement piston and working piston slide due to the heating and cooling of the air between the two cylinders back and forth. This allows the working piston to drive the propeller. For the assembly of about 150 parts, the hobbyist needs 2-3 hours. Thorough instructions with exact images will help step one through. Only simple tools are needed.

Recommended for tinkerers and enthusiastic scientists from 14+ years. The candle under adult supervision.

Instructions in German & English.

Made in Germany.