Stockmar modelling wax, 12 sheets

MER 85051200

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Luminous colours based on Goethe's "Theory of Colour".

With its pleasant beeswax scent and clean handling, Stockmar modelling wax is an ideal material for modelling. It contains beeswax as a main ingredient.

The warmth of hands working the wax can be enough to warm the wax to make it more malleable, but a good tip is to ahead of time put the modelling wax in a plastic bag and sit it in a bowl of warm water to soften it up a little before giving it to young children to work on. Other suggestions are to let it sit on a warm windowsill in the sunlight for a little while to heat it just a little.

It can be nice to tell children a little story while they keep it cupped in their hands or next to their skin under their shirts to warm it, or while they are doing the initial work on softening the wax in their own hands. Then once they have worked it over a bit and made it more malleable, they can dig into creating forms. Some teachers or parents choose to make the wax into a little ball for their children initially, while it can also be satisfying for a child to work the flat rectangular sheet into a ball shape themselves.

Little works of art maintain their beauty and charm and can be reshaped again and again. After this initial working from flat sheet form that the beeswax initially comes in, it can be nice to keep wax being re-used in ball shape for new modelling.

We find a rustic wooden platter to be a nice place to keep the beeswax in between sessions.

Note: Some teachers prefer to use only or mainly the beeswax coloured modelling wax for younger years especially. The idea being that the beeswax colour, rather than using brightly coloured beeswax sheets, allows one to focus soley on form, leaving explorations of colour to the realm of watercolours. In this case, we also sell beeswax coloured sheets.

The high pedagogical and artistic quality makes Stockmar Modelling Beeswax an essential material for young children to work with.

12 sheets in a cardboard box. Each sheet is 10 cm long x 4 cm wide x 0.6 cm thick.

Colours: 00 ivory ¦ 01 carmine red ¦ 02 vermilion ¦ 04 golden yellow ¦ 06 yellow green ¦ 07 green ¦ 09 blue ¦ 10 light blue ¦ 12 red violet ¦ 13 rust ¦ 15 black ¦ 24 pink

Made in Germany.