Stockmar opaque watercolour paint, replacement cups

MER 85045001

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Stockmar opaque colours in individual paint pans, sold individually, for when you have used up one of the pots in your Stockmar tin of paints, and need a replacement.

Artist's quality standards.

The artistically shaped box and classic metal design, contains 12 colour tabs. A pleasing and easy-to-use robust metal tin opens and closes securely and stands up to time. Each individual paint puck can easily be taken out for quick replacements as it gets used over time (replacements can be special ordered with ~1 week delivery time). The Stockmar mixing palette (that is, the white metal piece included in the tin) is not attached to the box, so you can put it down wherever is most convenient for your work - and of course it will be easier to clean than a painting box lid that is being used as a palette, as oft ends up being the case otherwise. In addition, your Stockmar box of Opaque colours contains a tube of Opaque white and a top quality Cat's Tongue Brush that holds its shape, made of Ponex synthetic hair and produced for Stockmar by the tradition-conscious German brush manufacturer Zahn.

Everything has been considered in this smart design and quality paint tin!

Tasha Tudor, the children's literature illustrator and naturalist, was herself a fan of having a simple tin of paints open on the table, easily accessible to paint. Mixing watercolours, and beginning with just one colour at a time, and then slowly introducing colour mixing is what is most recommended for the kindergarten and younger primary grades in a traditional Waldorf education; however, we quite like this offering from Stockmar for the middle and older elementary grades, as well as for travel and painting outdoors. Also, if one finds themselves without enough time to mix concentrated watercolour paints with water and portion into jars or bowls for painting, this also offers a nice and easy, yet alternative that does not sacrifice in quality.

Like all of Stockmar paints and colours, there is a reliance on Goethe's colour circle, but here in an extended version. The three basic or primary colours form a triangle; between them are the secondary colours, formed by mixing the adjacent primaries - green from yellow and blue, orange from yellow and red, and violet from red and blue. The colours opposite to one another are complementary colours in which forms the widest possible contrast.
If we now mix the primary with the secondary colours, we arrive at an extension of the colour circle. For example, we can mix red and violet to make red-violet, or yellow and orange to make yellow-orange. In order to enhance the range of colours, and to obtain a variety from mixing them, the Stockmar box of Opaque colours includes two tones of each basic colour: Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Carmine Red, Vermilion, Ultramarine, and Prussian Blue.

The Stockmar colours are delicately balanced with one another, and when mixed will yield harmonious shades of colours.

Like all Stockmar's colour materials, these Opaque colours have a unique luminosity. This is due to the fact that the concentration of the colour pigments in our Opaque colours is particularly intense. As a result the colours are richer, and remain powerful even when heavily diluted. Stockmar Opaque colours are suitable for various different painting techniques; classic opaque painting (over painting), classic watercolour painting, lazure painting or techniques based on a mixture of approaches.

Colours: 01 carmine red ¦ 02 vermilion ¦ 04 gold yellow ¦ 05 lemon yellow ¦ 08 blue green ¦ 10 ultramarine ¦ 12 purple ¦ 13 rust ¦ 15 black ¦ 18 prussian blue ¦ 33 orange ¦ 36 sap green

30mm diameter.

Made in Italy.