Stockmar triangular coloured pencils

MER 85095301

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The balanced blend of moist and dry components form the basis for the leads in STOCKMAR coloured pencils.  Thanks to a precisely balanced amount of high-quality micro-crystalline wax, every colour has its own unique depth and light.  The colours have been carefully selected and are perfectly coordinated.

These STOCKMAR coloured pencils are available in 24 vibrant colours.  They come in triangular and hexagonal forms.  The soft and extra-strong lead boasts excellent sharpening and break-proof properties, and rests stably in the untreated, FSC®-certified limewood barrel.  

STOCKMAR coloured pencils have a soft but intense, quality color which is dust-free and particularly break-resistant.  A special characteristic is their transparency and glaze.  Applying the glazing technique (layering) will allow children to create especially striking effects and give their pictures depth.

length: 17.5 cm, width: 10 mm unlacquered