Stockmar watercolour paint - Colour Circle

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The Farbkreisfarben (colour-circle paints) from Stockmar are watercolours in accordance with Goethe's theory of colours. They include the primary colours red, blue and yellow and possess high spectral purity and transparency. With these three colour-circle colours, the complete colour-circle can be created. They can be used in all usual ways and are suitable for all known watercolouring techniques. Stockmar watercolours are ideal for transparent painting. They are produced from gum arabic and the finest light-resistant colour pigments, have a very high yield-value and remain completely water-soluble when dry. The colour tones have been chosen so that they can be mixed to yield all intermediate shades without losing their brilliance and intensity. Mixed with white, the watercolours can be used for non-transparent painting.

We recommend the 20ml size for most beginners. The paint is mixed with water in a ratio to desired consistency. We highly recommend viewing the 'Wet-on-Wet' video on our website to get a feel for the ratio. We recommend a small dime-sized dollop of paint to begin with, mixed with only perhaps a 1/4 cup of water.

In Waldorf pedagogy, children at the kindergarten level begin painting with just one colour at a time, to immerse themselves in the painting experience. Another time, a different colour... and then eventually, two colours may be used at once, and it is sheer delight to see and hear the surprise and for the child's own discovery of colour-mixing.

Made in Germany.