Summer Days and Nights

ISBN 9780805090789

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by Wong Herbert Yee

On a hot summer day, a little girl finds ways to entertain herself and stay cool.  She catches a butterfly, sips lemonade, jumps in a pool, and goes on a picnic.  At night, she sees an owl in a tree and a frog in a pond, and hears leaves rustling.  Before long, she's fast asleep, dreaming about more summer days and summer nights.

Here is the summer book in Wong Herbert Yee's charming seasonal quartet.  The simple text and interactive question-and-answer format make this book perfect for reading aloud with preschoolers any time of the year.  Wong Herbert Yee's focus is on appreciating the small but special details that define a season.

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Recommended for 2-6 years.

Published by Square Fish.