The Big Bottom Hunt

The Big Bottom Hunt

ISBN 9780863157455

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By Lari Don; Illustrated by Gabby Grant

Sandy and Ella are out playing on the beach one day when they spot something sparkling by the jaggy rocks. They run over to see what it is, and find a telescope that someone has left behind. But how will they find the owner?

Then they see a funny shape in the sand -- and realise it's a bottom print! They run back home for their art kit and trace the print. Then the big bottom hunt begins, as they ask each villager in turn, 'Is this your bottom?'

A delightful and very funny story from Edinburgh writer and storyteller Lari Don, illustrated with great charm by up-and-coming illustrator Gabby Grant.

Recommended for ages 3-6 years.

Softcover, 32 pages, with colour illustrations. 254 x 210 mm.

Floris Books.


'Children love being able to say "bottom" without being naughty or cheeky and the charming illustrations are also great fun... It is great fun and just a little bit "cheeky!"'
-- Suse Coon, Lothian Life

'Excellent bedtime or early reader. Beautifully told and illustrated, (and children really enjoy the fact 'bottoms' are mentioned many times!)'
-- Armadillo

'The Big Bottom Hunt by Lari Don is a delight. There will be giggles of glee as Sandy and Ella set off on their quest to discover whose bottom has left an imprint in the sand!'
-- EYE (Early Years Educator) Magazine

'Playing detectives is great fun, and the repetition of the word bottom - plus delightfully realistic pictures - provides even more merriment.
-- Julia Jarman, Carousel, Spring 2011