The Connected Family Handbook

ISBN 9781782508137

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Nurturing Kindness, Warmth and Wonder in Children

by Lou Harvey-Zahra and Danielle Harbison

Ideal for parents of children 2-10 years of age.

How can simple activities help us connect more fully with our children and live more happily together? What types of games will encourage children to be kind to others? How can crafting and outdoor play build respect for the natural world? The Connected Family Handbook offers empowering advice and practical activities to answer these questions and many more.

Experienced parenting coach and popular author Lou Harvey-Zahra and successful parenting blogger Danielle Harbison have created a unique and inspiring book for carers of toddlers to ten year olds. Each of the ten chapters tackles an important theme for families -- Home, Kindness, Mealtimes, Move, Warmth, Teamwork, Adventure, Nature, Wonder and Celebration -- and suggests ways to nurture these qualities in children. Every chapter is illustrated with beautiful photographs and includes easy crafts and fun recipes to create with children, stories and verses to share, as well as tips on creative discipline, positive play and establishing family rhythms and routines.

Engage with NATURE by crafting toys from sticks, nurture WONDER by sharing a story about toadstools and fairy folk, encourage KINDNESS by creating a toy medical kit and make MEALTIMES fun with frozen fruit pizza. All of Lou and Danielle's ideas and advice come from a background of holistic child development, and celebrate values including eco-friendly living, connected family life, healthy and fun food choices and the importance of imaginative play.

Table of Contents

1. Kindness
2. Home
3. Mealtimes
4. Movement
5. Warmth
6. Teamwork
7. Adventure
8. Nature
9. Wonder
10. Celebration
Meet the creators

Hardcover, 224 pages.

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'It quite simply, contains everything you would ever need for simple, meaningful connection with your kids… It’s gentle, with tips and suggestions for a calm family rhythm, peppered with lovely creative moments and even some recipes. Crucially, almost all of the contents is easily achieved at home, with the things you have in your house… Every family needs this book on their shelves.'
-- Charlotte and the Boys

'It is one of those books that needs to be in every home.'
-- Our World of Wonder

'It’s packed FULL of so many ideas of things that you can do with your children. Over 200 pages of crafts, recipes, celebrations and much more. I highly recommend it to anyone with children.'
-- Large Family Mama


About the Authors

Lou Harvey-Zahra is an experienced parenting coach and respected author of holistic parenting books. She grew up and did her teacher training in England before moving to Australia where she has taught in numerous kindergarten, primary, special needs and Steiner-Waldorf school settings for over 25 years. Lou runs conscious parenting workshops, online parenting courses, and presents to parents and teachers across the globe. Her books include Growing Children, Thriving Children; Happy Child, Happy Home; Creative Discipline, Connected Family; and Through the Rainbow. She is a mother to two wonderful grown-up children and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

You can also visit the author's own website at

Danielle Harbison is an experienced teacher, homeschool mum and successful parenting blogger. She has been a teacher, in primary schools, for ten years and is trained in Rudolf Steiner education and positive behaviour for learning. Her blog and Instagram offer inspiration for homeschooling families. Danielle has a deep love of crafts, nature and photography. She is the mother of four young children and lives in Sydney, Australia.