The Desperate Journey

ISBN 9780863158810

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by Kathleen Fidler

Ten-year-old twins Kirsty and David Murray love their crofting life in the north of Scotland.  They collect shellfish, milk the cows and help their father grow oats and vegetables.  Then one day the Countess's men come and burn their house, saying they must leave.

The family travel across Scotland to Glasgow.  City life is dirty and overcrowded, and work in the mills is hard and dangerous.  The chance comes to join a ship sailing for Hudson Bay in Canada, and once again they start a long, perilous journey.

Will they survive the treacherous Atlantic crossing, and what will they find in the strange new land?

Kathleen Fidler had a gift for bringing characters from history to life for today's children.  The Desperate Journey is her best-known story, a true Scottish classic whose thrilling plot will keep children gripped from start to end.

Recommended for ages 8-12 years.

Softcover, 169 pages.

198 x 130 mm.

Floris Books.



'This is a Scottish children's classic... A real must-read.'
Wendy McCusker, Waterstone's Guide to Children's Books

'A stirring tale of adventure, hardship and new beginnings.'
-- Shelf Life, Summer 2002

'What an action-packed tale!'
-- Education Otherwise, June 2002

'Kathleen Fidler's well-paced narrative skilfully conveys the Murray's epic journey and the historical settings are convincingly portrayed. David and Kirsty Murray are spirited and resilient characters who engage the interest and sympathy of the reader.'
-- Treasure Islands: A guide to Scottish fiction for young readers aged 10-14, Summer 2003