The First Case (early reader, 1st of 5)

ISBN 9781927271490

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Someone’s stealing nuts from the forest, and it’s up to Detective Gordon to catch the thief!

Unfortunately, solving this crime means standing in the snow and waiting for a long time… If only he had an assistant—someone small, fast, and clever—to help solve this terrible case. Then Detective Gordon would be able to go back to doing what he’s best at: thinking, eating cakes, drinking tea, and stamping important papers.

A brilliant detective story by Ulf Nilsson, one of Sweden’s top children’s writers and illustrated by Gitte Spee in full colour throughout.  A book to read alone or aloud!

Translated by Julia Marshall.

Hardcover, 96 pages.  5.8 x 8 inches.

Gecko Press.

Ideal for children 6-9 years old.


About the Detective Gordon series:

Detective Gordon is a friendly, philosophical, humorous, and thoughtful detective series following the adventures of the rather tired—and often hungry—Detective Gordon and his chirpy assistant, Buffy.

Detective Gordon is something of a humanist, and keeps an eye out for the weaker inhabitants of his woods. The books are full of warm, witty wisdom from one of Sweden’s foremost children’s authors, Ulf Nilsson. The text is affectionately and generously illustrated in watercolor and pencil by acclaimed Dutch illustrator, Gitte Spee. This is a detective series with depth—ideal for elementary school, perfect for reading alone, wonderful for reading aloud.