The Last Quest of Gilgamesh (Book III of III)

The Last Quest of Gilgamesh (Book III of III)

ISBN 9780887763809

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Retold & Illustrated by Ludmila Zeman

In his final quest, Gilgamesh, still mourning the death of his dear friend Enkidu, sets out to find the key to immortality. His journey is perilous. He must fight ferocious serpents and wild lions. He travels through bitterly cold caves, across scorching deserts, and over the fatal waters of the Sea of Death. Finally he arrives at the palace of Utnapishtim, the only human who knows the secret of immortality. Utnapishtim sets Gilgamesh a test to stay away for six days and seven nights, but Gilgamesh fails. His last hope, a flower of eternal youth, is eaten by the goddess Ishtar, who exacts her revenge. Finally, Enkidu comes from the underworld to show Gilgamesh true immortality: the king will be remembered for his good deeds, courage, and love for his people.

Softcover, 24 pages.

Recommended by the publisher for ages 7-9 years.

Nest Notes: Recommended by Nest as part of Waldorf pedagogy for children in Grade 5 studying Ancient Mesopotamia.

Published by Tundra Books.