The Little Book of Big Brain Games

ISBN 9780761161738

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A pocket-size brain gym.  More than 500 full-color puzzles from the original Big Book of Brain Games—the book that Will Shortz praised as “the most wide-ranging, visually appealing, entertaining collection of brainteasers since Sam Lloyd’s Cyclopedia of Puzzles,” and The Washington Post called “an opus . . . mixing math with wonder.”

Mental games, visual challenges, logic posers, riddles, and illusions, each designed to stretch neurons and give the brain a workout—all in a format that will fit in your pocket.  The puzzles (both original and mind-boggling adaptations of classics) are rated in difficulty from level one to ten, but even the easiest are guaranteed to make the solver feel smart.

A fun book for children and adult to challenge each other or puzzle out together. 

A small size to take on trips, in the car, for line-ups, or just to keep in the living room or bedside table.  Puzzles and games are a delightful way to take a mini-brain vacation!

Softcover, 440 pages.  4.1 x 6 inches.

Workman publishing.


About the Author:

Ivan Moscovich is an internationally known and acclaimed inventor, puzzler, and artist.  He has designed award-winning toys for Mattel, Kenner, Childcraft, Ravensburger, Binary Arts, and other companies, and is the author of the MindGames series and other books.  Mr. Moscovich lives in the Netherlands.