The Secret Wish - Book 3 (a Phonetic Early Reader)

ISBN 9781931061513

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A Phonetic Reader

Written and Illustrated by Shelley Davidow

Geared towards early readers, Grades 3-4 (7-10 years old).

This adventure story is the final Chapter book (3 of 3) in this series of Early Readers.  Josh discovers that his favourite characters (a tiny boy and girl) have escaped the pages of his book and are alive and real in his room.  What follows is a series of adventures, mischief and mishaps as the two tiny kids make Josh part of their world.  Sliding slugs, crazy crickets and darting fish are quite a challenge to the two characters and to Josh, who often has to come to the rescue and who ultimately finds himself being written into his favourite book.  This book focuses on the consonant blends of qu, she, th, wh, gl, pl, sl, bl, pl, gr, tr, and more.

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Softcover, 128 pages.  5.5 x 8.5 inches.

Jalmar Press.

Printed in the United States.


Author Biography:

Shelley Davidow was born and raised in South Africa.  Her books for children, young adults and adults have been published in Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and  Australia.  In 2002, her young adult novel, In the Shadow of Inyangani (Macmillan 2003), was a finalist in the Macmillan/Picador BBC World Writer’s Prize for Africa.  She has an MSEd from Sunbridge College in New York and has taught in schools, colleges and universities across the world.    She now lives on the East Coast of Australia with her husband and son.