The Truth About Crocodiles

ISBN 9781250198440

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Seriously Funny Facts About Your Favorite Animals

by Maxwell Eaton III

From writer/illustrator Maxwell Eaton III, The Truth About Crocodiles is the fifth installment in his hilarous series offering another lighthearted look filled with useful facts about crocodiles that will make you laugh so hard, you won't even realize you're learning something!

Did you know that crocs often keep rocks in their stomachs in order to stay underwater longer?

Did you know that baby crocs make sounds similar to kittens when they hatch?

Did you know that crocs have a lot of teeth, but don’t actually chew their food?

Discover these facts and more in this addition to the popular series that combines raucous amounts of humor with a surprising amount of information on beloved animal friends.

Recommended by the publisher for readers ages 4-8 years.  Recommended by Nest for 6 years (grade 1) and up.  Ideal for Grade 3.

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Roaring Book Press.


"A party to remember—and a species to respect."—Kirkus Reviews