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The Unbelievable FIB: Over the Underworld (Book II)

The Unbelievable FIB: Over the Underworld (Book II)

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by Adam Shaughnessy

ABE and Pru team up with Mr. Fox and Ratatosk, the insult squirrel, for a new adventure among the gods and lands of Norse mythology as they race to stop the chain of events foretold to lead to Ragnarok — the war that ends the world.

Recommended for readers ages 8-12 years (grades 3-7); ideal for Grade 4 Norse mythology studies, or the summer afterwards.

Softcover, 304 pages.  5.5 X 8.3 inches.

Algonquin Young Readers, an imprint of Algonquin Books of Chapel Bill, a division of Workman Publishing.



“Readers excited by plot twists and riddles will enjoy this book's mythical whodunit and anticipate future resolutions to its cliffhangers.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Just as Shaughnessy does in the first book, he continues to showcase clever, quirky writing and characters that add even more life and effortlessness to the story . . . Shaughnessy excels at weaving in such difficult themes into such an exciting and fast-paced story, and I highly recommend this to those who enjoy myth-inspired tales and rich, entertaining characters.” —Forever Lost in Literature


About the Author:

Adam Shaughnessy is an author and educator. He received his BA in English from Connecticut College and is currently pursuing his MA in children’s literature from Hollins University. Adam lives in Waterford, Connecticut. Over the Underworld is the second book in the Unbelievable FIB series. Visit him online at, or on Facebook (Adam Shaughnessy—Author) or Twitter (@adamshaughnessy).

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