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TFJ sewing board

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A great way for a child to learn fine motor skills, basic sewing stitches, and introduce the experience of embroidery.  In the photograph you see the following stitches -- running, back, chain, cross, whip, blanket, and zigzag.  Whether a child uses this as a tool for learning or toy for fun, it provides a wonderful way to practice skills, express creativity and build new talents.

In the last photo, is a set-up the maker did with her children to create patterns on their boards.  They laid a sheet of paper onto a towel and the sewing board on the paper.  Then they poked holes into the paper through the board using a skewer.  Once the entire grid of holes was poked into the paper, they came up with designs by connecting the dots with a pencil and planned out their embroidery for the board.  Then they stitched it onto the board :).  They have a mermaid and fish demonstrated in the photo.

Includes 2 large needles and threading in assortment of colours.

We might recommend this board for children around 7 years of age and up, depending.  It depends on when you might be beginning sewing, as this is meant to help prepare for different stitches.  The needles included are blunt but still pointy.

Made in the US by Treasures from Jennifer.