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Tickle My Ears

Tickle My Ears

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The worldwide bestselling interactive bedtime book for toddlers.

This sweet and simple board book invites children to take part in Little Rabbit’s charming new bedtime ritual by helping to put bunny to bed with a fun activity on each page.

It’s getting late and Little Rabbit must go to sleep. Can you help him? When Little Rabbit asks “Tickle My Ears?” a wonderful new bedtime ritual begins: Clap your hands, fluff the pillow, give Little Rabbit’s ears a tickle, stroke his back, pull up the covers and a goodnight kiss. And don’t forget to turn out the light: here’s the switch!

Designed to be read aloud, this is a fun and surprising book that teaches toddlers and preschoolers about bedtime routines and makes a perfect baby shower or infant birthday gift.

Board book, 20 pages.  6.8 x 6.8 inches.

Gecko Press. 

Praise for Tickle My Ears

"I LOVED tickle my ears. Such a gorgeous little book." — Meg Rosoff

"Just irresistible. Who doesn’t want a book that teaches a child how to put someone–one’s self, obviously–to bed?" — School Library Journal, Top 100 Board Books

"A beautifully illustrated and delightful book which encourages interaction from the reader." — Children’s Books Ireland Reading Guide

“A wonderful interactive bedtime book for children and little rabbits.” — Axel Scheffler

"It's late, and Little Rabbit must go to bed, so toddlers are invited to help him settle down in this bedtime storybook.  This sweet board book, originally published in German, invites toddlers to participate in Little Rabbit's bedtime ritual and then rewards them for their helpfulness.  As the book starts, readers see Little Rabbit from behind and are encouraged to tap him on the shoulder; will he turn around? A turn of the page will show their tapping worked! Now readers will see Little Rabbit's pajamas laid out and ready to be put on. How can little ones help? By clapping of course! Sure enough, as the page turns, readers will see Little Rabbit now has his pajamas on.  And so it goes as little ones fluff a pillow, say 'Hoppity-hop,' tickle Little Rabbit's ears and then gently stroke his back, tuck Little Rabbit in, give him a kiss, and, finally, turn the light out. Interactivity—here powered entirely by the page turn—can indeed be magical for little ones!  Mühle's simply outlined illustrations on clean, pastel-colored backgrounds have a gentle quality perfectly suited to the bedtime theme.  Grown-ups should not be surprised if their own little ones start asking for a tickle behind the ear and a back rub as part of their own bedtime rituals." — Kirkus Reviews

"Mühle brings a metafictional approach to familiar bedtime routines as he invites readers to help Little Rabbit get ready to turn in. After tapping Little Rabbit on the shoulder so he'll turn around, children are asked to clap their hands so he will put on his pajamas, and they later have a chance to fluff Little Rabbit's pillow, tuck him in, give him a goodnight kiss, and even turn out the light.  Soft, crayonlike outlines and some lovely touches (Little Rabbit's rosy cheeks have the texture of thumbprints) help establish a quiet mood that could help pave the way for smooth bedtimes on readers' parts, too."—Publishers Weekly

Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC) Choices — 2017 — Winner


About the Author:

Jörg Mühle was born 1973 in Frankfurt am Main and studied at the Offenbach School of Design and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Today, he lives in Frankfurt where he works as a freelance illustrator for book publishers, magazines and newspapers.

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