Up the Mountain Path

SKU: ISBN 9781616897239
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By Marianne Dubuc

Mrs. Badger, an avid collector and naturalist, takes a weekly journey up to Sugarloaf Peak, greeting her friends on the way and sharing her discoveries with them. One day she meets Lulu, a very small cat, who wants to go with her to the top of the mountain. On the way, Lulu learns to take care of the natural world, help those in need, and listen to her intuition. Rich in wisdom and beautifully illustrated, Up the Mountain Path offers a profound story full of lessons about love, generosity, and following one's heart.

Hardcover with jacket, 72 pages, with 80 colour illustrations. 

7.5 × 9.5 inches (19.1 × 24.1 cm).

Princeton Architectural Press.

Montreal-based Marianne Dubuc is an award-winning author and illustrator of more than ten picture books, including The Fish and the Cat and The Lion and the Bird.