Weaving on a Little Loom

ISBN 9781616897123

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by Fiona Daly

This book is a comprehensive guide to frame loom weaving for the complete novice as well as those who have already discovered the frame loom weaving craze.  It includes a brief history of weaving, useful tools and terminology, and a natural fibre index.  The step-by-step tutorials cover everything from setting-up the loom through to finishing techniques and are accompanied by clear illustrations.  Techniques include traditional rug making techniques of rya knot and soumak stitch; tapestry techniques of weaving curves and diagonals making shapes; as well as how to weave a variety of weave structures such as plain weave, herringbone, twill and rib.  It also contains patterns for five contemporary projects designed specifically for this book including table placemats, wall hanging, a cushion cover and even a tubular woven totebag with no seams.  Throughout the book, each technique is introduced with some background history.  There is an emphasis on natural materials as it includes a fibre index for natural materials giving some background as to how these grow.

- Enjoy many hours with this meditative traditional craft while creating contemporary projects for your home and yourself. Weaving is known to be calming and satisfying, while opening up your creativity. Frame loom weaving is easy to do at home, with no major time dedication and with simple and easy-to-find tools and materials.

- By following the step-by-step tutorials and complete project guides, you will learn all you need to know about frame loom weaving. Everything from setting-up, handweaving through to finishing. With technical step-by-step guides to patterns and techniques, both the novice and experienced weaver, will find this book rewarding. This book will arm you with the technical skills you need and inspire you to create your own woven projects.

"My motivation for this book was to combine my knowledge from more advanced types of weaving and apply that to frame loom weaving, to try to push the boundaries of what is possible to weave on the frame loom, primarily different weave structures and patterns. Also the products I designed as the Projects. Inspired by my own weaving practice, the content of the book has a focus on using natural materials and gives some background on these."

144 pages - Paperback - 21 x 1.2 x 27cm

-Natural fibre index and info on yarn

-How to design your own woven project

-Weave structure drafts

-History behind traditional techniques used as well as step-by-step guide

-Patterns for 5 Contemporary Weave Projects

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