Where is the Dragon?

ISBN 9781776573110

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Written & Illustrated by Leo Timmers.  Translated by James Brown.

The king can’t sleep until the dragon is found. Luckily, the three knights know everything about dragons and are armed to the teeth!  Now they just have to find him.  They set out into the night with a candle in hand.  Soon they find something that looks very much like a dragon … Attack!

The funny rhyming text is by James Brown, an award-winning poet and translator of Gus’s Garage.

Recommended for children ages 4-6 years.

Hardcover, 40 pages.  9 x 11 inches.

Gecko Press.



"Part Monty Python, part bedtime story, and entirely ingenious, Where is the Dragon? will become a quick favorite for fun, madcap and imagination-filled daytime or nighttime story times at home, in the classroom, and for public library collections." ~ Celebrate Picture Books

"With a rhyming storyline underscored by hilarious illustrations, this picture book begs to be read aloud." ~ Kit on Lit  

"This delightful story will win hearts…Eye catching illustrations will turn the heads of the readers as they take in the story and its stunning backdrop. Timmer’s use of shadows and outlines is superb, the detail arresting and the Medieval touches intriguing." ~ ReadPlus
"a quirky story translated by James Brown, Timmers’ trademark richly detailed illustrations with their stunning use of colour, and atmospheric light and shade, and a humorous contrast between the illustrations and the words, Where is the Dragon? is the ideal book to inspire the imaginations of even the youngest children." ~ Lancashire Post
"…the illustrations with the superb characters, skillful use of dark and light, clever details (small and large), textures and rich colour palette, that are the real show stealers. Zimmers has a wacky sense of humour that is evident at every page turn, especially the final one. Little ones will relish this as a storytime read aloud, delighting both in guessing and knowing. Ensure you give your audience time to look closely at the revelatory spreads so they can appreciate Zimmers’ transformations of the imagined into the real." ~ Red Reading Hub
"Fun, cleverness and rhythm make this the perfect book for bedtime! The carefully executed illustrations are an example of how a well thought illustration process can make a picturebook outstanding. The whole play between light and dark itself is in worthy of an award." ~ My Book Corner
"The illustrations…are very cool and sophisticated." ~ Youth Services Book Review

"it would make for a fabulous story-time choice. Timmers’s illustrations feature rich colors, lots of textures, and characters that seem to stand off the page. He works wonders with light and shadow here — to great comic effect." ~ Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"Timmers has a marvelous sense of humor in all of his picture books. This book glows with that humor, as each shadow is cleverly revealed to be nothing at all. The dialogue between the knights is delightful…Just the page turns alone in this picture book are a joy, each reveal is great fun to guess at before turning the page…Perfect for any knights and dragon fans you might have, this book is a great read aloud." ~ Waking Brain Cells