wooden birthday ring 12 years, pink-purple

GRIMMS 02012

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A birthday ring is wonderful for birthday tables, for decoration on a window-sill and on the nature table. They are flexible for use at various holidays, as well as birthdays; however, the pink-purple combination will lend itself less to use at Easter or Christmas for example, than a natural or white ring will. That said, many people choose to use the rings only for birthday celebrations, and not for other holidays.

Adorned with a few decorative ornaments, the little vase with flowers, and some candles it creates a special atmosphere on each of the occasions.

4 wooden arc pieces, on each are three holes.

Ornaments, candles, and candleholders all sold separately.

In choosing whether to go with a 12-hole or 16-hole birthday ring, the following may be helpful:

~ the 16 hole offers more spaces with room to grow, eg. if you'd like to put 8 candles for an 8th birthday, then you would still have room for a #8, and 7 decorative ornaments, or rather a few decorative ornaments, and a few empty spaces, so as not to be too crowded, if you like.

~ the 12 hole ring does feel quite cozy and sweet in its size.

~ Whichever size ring one goes with, it is always possible to add on with lifelight flowers or stars, or a heart, or a 'birthday tower'. Likewise, one can add a 16-hole ring to fit perfectly around the perimeter of a 12-hole ring.