Disana organic muslin washcloths

Disana organic muslin washcloths

DISANA 2232 001 005

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Disana organic muslin washcloths have a special texture that is a sensory experience against the skin, as well as helpful for the gentlest exfoliation.  They're designed with babies in mind, but children of all ages, and adults may find them lovely as part of their self care routine.

100% organic cotton.

Each washcloth is 25 x 25 cm.  Comes in a pack of 5

Made in Germany.


Care Instructions:

Before the Initial washing, wash 2-3 times in hot water, in order that the cloths become pleasantly soft and and be able to develop their full absorbency.  After that, after normal use, wash in the washing machine at 60 to 95 degrees Celsius, as you wish.  Consider to reduce the washing's machine's spin rotation, on a more gentle wash cycle, to help the cloths have a longer life, and please use an environmentally friendly laundry detergent (we at nest.ca, recommend Sonett detergent).

Don't use chlorine or other aggressive chemicals.  Line dry or tumble dry on lowest setting.  Steam iron is okay if desired.